The Story of Ohanu Waters

Mike, Micky and Diane, decided one day that they should build a company around Family and Service.
They wanted to Put “Service” back into Customer service, before during and after the sale. One of the many things they noticed was that although many company’s built great products, nothing lasts forever. Customers found themselves lost more often times then not when it came to getting things repaired on their product.

Dropped calls, answering machines and unanswered calls were some of the many complaints we read and heard about from unhappy folks through various media outlets. Another complaint was they couldn’t get basic answers from anyone and they felt slighted when it came to service after the sale and project completion.

We listened and learned from others mistakes as well as our own throughout our long and prosperous careers in the construction industry and decided to apply these basic principles to our new business.

  • No calls or questions are unimportant.
  • We as owners should be involved with the entire process from start to finish.
  • Customers should never feel they are alone on this or are not as important as the next customer regardless of the size of the project.

Subcontractors or in house labor?

We debated this one for quite awhile and came upon the conclusion that in the future if in house work forces could be found that would put as much care and quality as our experienced Subcontractors do, then we would hire in house for those facets of the job.

We have crews who work on our projects that we have had a relationship with for many years some over a quarter of a century, as with previous customers these folks are a part of our extended family. They have the experience and background to perform at the highest of standards. Instead of using your project to try teaching quality to the unknown we prefer to use tried and true on our projects.

To quote an unknown, “A man who owns a company will always try to do a better job then the man who doesn’t.”


We wanted folks to feel like their investment was protected by a longer then usual industry standard warranty.


We live here! That’s correct we live in the Palm Coast area. We shop in Palm Coast and dine in Palm Coast and support local organizations. Therefore it is very important to us that all customers, regardless of their project, be pleased. Who knows, we might see you out and about one day and love speaking to and seeing previous customers. Word of mouth can make or break a company, We understand that.


Imagine for a moment you build a project that causes someone to lose a life or a loved one. That has to be the number one fear of ours, so we go to great lengths to be sure our jobsite’s are safe from start to finish and that’s why we push the baby fences. We feel this product is the single most important item on your swimming pool for safety of the little ones.

Personal Experience

Mike Rusche, has been working within the pool industry since 1982 and owned a company named Tropical Spas and Landscaping. He later went on to be one of the Most Respected salesmen/managers in the swimming pool industry.

Micky Ryan, formerly a union electrician has worked in the Swimming pool industry since 1989 and is the current license holder.

Diane Rusche operated within a very well known and respected family business called Mariani Home Builders, who prided themselves on customer service. When Diane’s parents decided to retire they closed the business.

Mike and Diane became a working team in the swimming pool industry.

Mike, Micky and Diane have been best of friends since 1996.