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Aqua Logic Pool/Spa Automation system

The Aqua Logic Pool/Spa Automation system is the ultimate in reliable, cost effective automation for all pools and spas. The Aqua Logic product line has a control system for every pool owner. From the P-4 system for the value minded consumer to the full featured PS-16 for the high end pool, Aqua Logic covers it all. In addition, Goldline offers a wide variety of wireless and wired accessory devices that allow each system to be configured exactly to meet the homeowner's requirements.

Every Aqua Logic system includes a main control unit with a 100 amp subpanel and a built-in display/keypad for programming directly from the equipment pad. Pool service personnel do not need access to the keypads located inside the house. See your dealer to determine which Aqua Logic unit has the right combination of high voltage auxiliary relays, heater controls, and valve controls for your pool design.

For the absolute best water quality available, add the electronic chlorine generator function (also known as a salt chlorinator) by simply adding the Chlorinator Option Kit. It automatically produces pure chlorine every day while the pool is being filtered and distributes it evenly throughout the pool via the return jets. The Aqua Rite uses a low concentration of salt dissolved in the pool water (below the level of taste) to produce up to 1.45 lbs of chlorine daily, enough for all residential pools up to 40,000 gallons. For larger pools, additional Aqua Rite Electronic Chlorine Generators can be added.

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Our handrails are set with anchors for ease of removal and replacement.


• Durable & Long Lasting .049" wall Stainless Steel Construction
• All Rails also Available in .065" wall Construction.
• Rails Available in 5 Powder Coated Finishes
• Ultra Protect Sealant Adds Protection From Surface Rust
• Rails fall into the following categories:

  1. Ladders
  2. Stair Rails
  3. Hand Rails
  4. Grab/Spa Rails
  5. Exercise Bars


Rail Colors

Earth Light Gray
Hammer-tone Gray White
Copper vein    


With swimming pool decking you have many options below are a few examples.



Natural Stone also know as Epoxy Stone, River Rock or Epoxy Flooring is unique blend of river rock which is bonded together with 2 components of an epoxy binding agent. Natural Stone greatly reduces puddles and standing water. The porous nature allows water to drain through the surface where it will move to a drain or landscaped area and evaporate.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete

Stamped Concrete is a system of adding colors, patterns and textures to plain concrete at the time of pouring. The pattern is made by imprinting the newly poured concrete with concrete stamping mats. Two-toned or "antiqued" finishes can be achieved with the use of Colors Hardeners and Release Agents or the entire surface can be stained a solid color with Advanced Pigmented Sealer in your choice of colors. The finished product is completely sealed for protection. Stamped concrete gives a beautiful new meaning to concrete.



Pavers are versatile and can be arranged in a multitude of styles and patterns for any application. They compliment any landscape while adding beauty to both new and existing homes.

Acrylic Deck Coatings


Acrylic deck systems are a affordable non-skid finish that can be made to look like many other products or typically a knock down finish is applied.

Very easy to clean and maintain.


Fences come in many styles and materials, but they all are designed to provide security, privacy, and a view more pleasing to the eye .

Below are a few different types

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing

built in 3 different grades, residential, commerical, and industrial. You can choose from many different styles and colors. The elegance of ornamental aluminum fencing with a powder coated finish allows for a maintenancefree fence for years.


Standard wood designs are Shadowbox, Board-on-Board, and Stockade.  Our fences are built using a Pressure-Treated Pine framing and pickets to act as a preservative and to resist termites and decay-causing
fungus.  Privacy wood fencing provides security, defines boundaries, protects property, and helps control noise, wind and sunlight.


Our life-time guaranteed PVC fence material is manufactured using premium vinyl components designed to withstand sun, temperature, moisture, and is virtually maintenance free.  With this premiere line of fencing, you’ll never need to worry about painting, rotting, warping, termites, corrosion or rust.


Pool Enclosures

Key Benefits of Screen Enclosures

  • Protection from flying insects.   
  • Less pool maintenance.
  • Use less chemicals to maintain water quality.
  • Cuts 15% of harmful UV rays.
  • Options for privacy.

Many customers of swimming pools swear by there screen enclosures

They provide a safe comfortable atmosphere to enjoy year round festivity's.

The Screen enclosures built today are of the highest quality and are designed to meet the stringent state codes for different exposures.

There is nothing standard about screen enclosures they have to be engineered per job.

Below are some examples of the types of screens that can be constructed as well as some examples of screens found throughout the state of florida.


Hayward Cartridge Filters

cartrige filterCartridge filtration has been available for a relatively long time, but only recently has it begun to enjoy rapid growth and acceptance.

When water passes through a cartridge filter, dirt is screened out at the surface of the cartridge element. When clean, the element will trap larger particles, with finer particles being filtered out as the pores of the element become clogged by the larger debris.

The cartridge element can be removed and cleaned by pressure washing inside and out with a garden hose.

1. Single Locking Knob
Securely fastens filter head to filter tank, eliminating clamps or bolts.
2. Filter Head
Provides easy access to cartridge element. May be rotated to conveniently position pressure gauge and manual air relief valve.
3. Heavy-Duty Filter Tank
Injection molded of high strength PermaGlass XL™ for dependable, corrosion-free performance.
4. Automatic Air Relief
Purges any trapped air during filter operation.
5. Single Element Cartridge
Is engineered of high-quality reinforced polyester, with gasketed molded end caps, for maximum efficiency, easier cleaning and longer life.
6. Precision-Engineered Extruded Core
Provides extra strength and superior flow.
7. Elevated Filtered Water Collector and Debris Sump
Prevents accidental by-pass of heavy debris to pool or spa when cartridge is removed for cleaning.
8. 1.5" or 2" FIP, or 2" SKT Connections
For plumbing versatility.
9. .5" FIP Filter Drain
For fast draining. Also accepts standard spigot valve.

Star-Clear™ Plus Cartridge Filters (LITSCPO5)

D.E. Filters

deMany pool professionals consider D.E. filtration to be the finest, because it is capable of removing smaller particles than either sand or cartridge.

Diatomaceous earth is a porous powder with microscopic openings, that, when magnified, look like tiny sponges. Clear water can pass through these openings, but particles, as small as one to three microns, are trapped during the first pass through the media.

All D.E. filters have internal elements that become coated with D.E. It is this 'filter cake' that strains dirt, dust, algae and some forms of bacteria from the water.

Similiar to sand filters, when a D.E. filter becomes dirty, it is cleaned either by backwashing, or regenerating and draining, the clogged D.E. to the 'waste' line. To restore filtration, a fresh 'charge' of D.E. is added to the filter.

1. Automatic Air Relief
Purges any trapped air during filter operation. Screenless design eliminates clogging.
2. Integral Lift Handles and Uniform Low Profile Tank Base
Make removal of grid nest fast and simple.
3. High-Strength Filter Tank
Molded of PermaGlass XLâ„¢ provides extra durability for dependable, corrosion-free performance.
4. High Impact Grid Elements
Designed for up-flow filtration and top-down backwashing for maximum efficiency.
5. Heavy-Duty Tamper-Proof Bolted Center Flange Clamp
Securely fastens tank top and bottom together. Allows quick access to all internal components without disturbing piping or connections.
6. Union Locknuts
Make disassemble and reassemble of filter from piping fast and easy.
7. Norly® Bulkhead Fittings
For extra strength and heat resistance.
8. Inlet- Diffuser Elbow
Distributes flow of incoming unfiltered water upward and evenly to all filter elements. Parabolic tank design provides for even distribution of D.E. to grids.
9. Full-Size 1.5" Integral Drain
Provides fast, 100% clean out and easier flushing of tank.
10. Convenient Valve and Plumbing Options
Allow for customized control. 2" internal piping and plumbing for maximum flow performance.

Pro-Grid™ Vertical Grid D.E. Filters (LITPG05)

Sand Filters

sandThe oldest and most popular method of filtration is sand. Sand filters share two things in common:
1) When in the filtration mode, water always flows from top to bottom;
2) They all have some sort of lateral or underdrain with slots to hold back sand while allowing clean, filtered water to pass through.

High-rate sand filters use a special filter sand, normally .45 to .55 mm (also known as pool grade #20 silica sand), because it has sharp edges that serve to separate particles, allowing filtration to take place. They operate on the basis of "depth" filtration; dirt is driven through the sand bed and trapped in the minute spaces between the particles of sand. Initially, a clean sand bed will remove larger particles, and then, as the bed starts to load up with dirt, it will remove finer particles.

Cleaning of the media, or sand, is accomplished through reversing the flow through the filter, to the "waste" line. This is known as backwashing.

1. Flange Clamp Design
allows 360° rotation of valve to simplify plumbing.

2. Integral Top Diffuser
ensures even distrubution of water over th top of the sand media bed. Full-size internal piping gives a smooth, free-flowing performance.

3. Unitized, Corrosion-Proof Filter Tank
molded of tough, durable colorfast polymeric material for dependable, all-weather performance with only minimal car.

4. Efficient, Multi-Lateral Underdrain Assembly
with precision engineered, self-cleaning 360° slotted laterals gives totally balanced flow of sand.

5. Integral Molded Drain Plug
for easy draining of tank, without the loss of sand.

6. Totally Corrosion-Proof Base
Is rugged and attractively styled to provide strong, stable support.

Pro™ Series Top-Mount Sand Filters (LITPROTM05)

TriStar™The strong silent typeSuperior performance, energy efficiency and value are the qualities that you can depend on when it comes to the TriStar high performance pump by Hayward. The advanced fluid dynamic design optimizes the three essential pump elements to deliver superior flow, and energy efficiency creating a new benchmark in residential pool pumps.

TriStar features the most energy-efficient hydraulics with a revolutionary motor-cooling design for an extended motor life. It's the first pump to feature a Tri-Lock cam and ramp strainer cover with a super sized, smooth, no-rib basket. This extra large leaf holding capacity extends the time between cleanings, giving you more time to relax and enjoy your pool. It also features a dynamic airflow for a quieter, cooler operation and it seamlessly retrofits to almost any existing filtration system. TriStar-Your High-Performance Pump Solution, only from Hayward.


  • Optimizes fluid dynamic technology for superior flow
  • Desert Rated
  • Easy-to-clean no-rib basket
  • Seamlessly retrofits into existing bases
  • Easy to install

TriStar Energy Solution™ Variable-Speed Pump & Control (LITTSESB07)

TriStar™ Waterfall
TriStar™ Waterfall  
The new TriStar 75 & 120 GPM Waterfall Pumps are specifically designed for waterfalls, spillways and negative-edge pool applications. These new pumps feature heavy-duty, high performance, energy efficient motor and pump technology. TriStar Waterfall pumps are easy to install, service and maintain.
  • 60% quieter and 60% less energy consumption than standard pool pumps
  • Super-sized basket has extra leaf-holding capacity and extends time between cleanings. Smooth inside surface insures easy debris removal
  • Tri-Lock strainer cover makes removal easy. No tools required, no loose parts and no clamps
  • See-thru strainer cover lets you see when basket needs cleaning. Test feature allows line pressure test to 50 PSI MAXIMUM
  • All components molded of corrosion-proof reinforced thermoplastic for extra durability and long life
  • Heavy-duty, high-performance motor with air-flow ventilation for quieter, cooler operation.
  • The motor is Desert Rated to 140oF
  • Tall mounting base provides dry, stable, stress-free support
  • Heat resistant, industrial size ceramic seal
  • Rugged one-piece housing, with 2" x 2 1/2" ports
  • Service ease design provides easy access to all internal parts

H-Series HeatersThe very latest in heating technology.

Hayward H-Series heaters feature a wealth of advances to deliver precision water temperature control and achieve the ideal swimming pool and spa comfort level.

The Hayward H-Series heater represents the very latest in heating technology for swimming pools and spas. Advanced features include digital LED control panels on all electronic direct spark and induced draft hot surface heaters, a rust-resistant water path with polymer header assemblies, and a rapid-heat combustion chamber. H-Series heaters are easy to install and maintain, thanks to its low profile, lightweight and CPVC plumbing capabilities.

In addition, all Hayward H-Series heaters are all equipped with a Cupro Nickel Heat Exchanger for efficient heating and superior durability. Cupro Nickel provides improved durability and longevity against the damaging effects of erosion that can occur under high-flow conditions, corrosion from occasional pool chemical imbalances, and is ideal for salt-water based pool systems.

For extra protection, the cupro nickel material has been coupled with an improved flow rate by-pass control. Together, these added technological improvements ensure that your Hayward heater outperforms and outlasts expectations.


  • Patented single header "V" baffle design heat exchangers allow for long life, fast heating and virtually no condensation. All Hayward heat exchangers are now constructed with highly resilient Cupro Nickel for greater durability and longevity.
  • Easy-to-read L.E.D. Control Panel provides digital temperature readout and diagnostics for quick identification of components that might need service.
  • Rust resistant water path, with injection-molded polymer header, offers improved by-pass control and extended life by providing additional protection from the damaging effects of erosion from high flow conditions.


HeatPro™Swim in comfort. Swim in savings.

Get the most from your swimming season with the HeatPro™ Heat Pump from Hayward. Now you can swim longer into the evening hours, earlier in the spring and later in the fall. The high-efficiency HeatPro heater gives you the perfect water temperature while using less energy than natural gas heaters. The HeatPro from Hayward is the perfect addition to your in-ground swimming pool or spa.

In addition the HeatPro heat exchanger completely heats all the water without allowing corrosive water to touch metal anywhere within the heat pump. HeatPro's Armor-Coil-protected heat exchanger allows the water passing through the system to be heated and retuned to the pool. The ArmorCoil heat exchanger is protected with an exclusive coating that isolates the metal from damaging chemically treated pool water preventing corrosion and scaling and providing a longer life for your heat pump.

Hayward Heat Pro heat pumps offer an additional option to heat your pool that is safe, reliable, and energy efficient. Save money while enjoying your pool because the HeatPro Heat Pump can save you up to 80% in operating costs, paying for itself in one year with the operating cost savings.


  • ArmorCoil Heat Exchanger has an exclusive coating that isolates all metal from chemically treated water to prevent corrosion and provide durability.
  • Digital L.E.D. Control Panel provides easy to read digital temperature display and diagnostic codes for quick identification of components that might need service.
  • 2" union plumbing connections provide for simple installation, service and winterization.
  • The round base and compact footprint allows for easy installation and is ideal for retrofit replacements.
  • Protective Vinyl coated steel screen protects the evaporator coil from damage.


Interior Finishes

Florida Gem Finishes are a mill prepared marcite alternative blended with the highest quality selected 3M colorquartz aggregates, white portland cement and proprietary additives to enhance strength, density, bonding and curing.  A Gem Finish will yield a hard, long lasting surface highly resistant to stains and spot etching prevalent with traditional pool plasters.  Exposure of the aggregate produces a safe, slip resistant and non-abrasive surface that attains a compressive strength in excess of 3500 psi in 24 hours and exceeds 7000 psi in 28 days. 

Gem Finishes

Aqua Clear

Aqua Gem

Black Gem

Blue Gem

Bone Gem

Aqua Clear
Aqua Gem
Black Gem
Blue Gem

French Silver



Sky Blue

White Gem

French Silver
Sky Blue
White Gem

ADobe Gem Warranty

River RokEmerald Black

Emerald Black Granite Lucayan Blue Pebble Beach
Granite Lucayan Blue Pebble Beach Imperial White

We can also offer other lines Such As

Bead Crete